After the Battle is Won

Title: After the Battle is Won
Author:  lost_is_there
Pairing: none
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Clearly I don't own Zelda...
Author Notes: Drabble I wrote for an RP app. I really liked how it came out, so... here it is.
Summary: Link has a brief heart-to-heart with Rusl after the defeat of Ganondorf.

"Woah, girl!" Link gave a slight tug of the reins, easing Epona to a stop in front of Mayor Bo's house. Dismounting, he walked his horse over to the fence by the garden.

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FMA- Big Bang art

Hello, LJ! I have not posted in forever... But the time has come to post my fan art for FMA: Big Bang! The fic I illustrated is a Post!Shamballa crossover with Indiana Jones. From what little I have read of it, it's quite good! I'm going to need to read the rest of it once it's posted.

Yes, I gave Edward a beard. XD I wanted him to look a little older.


FMA fan art~

Characters aren't mine, artwork belongs to me, yadda yadda... Feel free to use whatever I draw wherever. I'm not sure why you'd want to, but... Click the link next to the little picture to see the full view on deviantART. Prints of the Armstrong pic and the Lust pic will probably be on sale at Queen City Kamikaze convention this February in Manchester, NH. Collapse )

Fic: Beneath the German Sky

Title: Beneath the German Sky
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 canon)
Author: lost_is_there
Characters/Pairings: Ed, Al, a touch of EdWin if you want it to be.
Rating: T for mild language
Word Count: 1136
Warnings: Spoilers for the first anime and Conqueror of Shamballa.
Summary: An eternity away from home, the Elric brothers contemplate their adventures, misgivings, and blessings
Notes: This was kind-of inspired by Brothers, which is an absolutely beautiful song. I haven’t done much writing, even in the fan fiction world, so constructive criticism / words of confidence would be very much appreciated! Yes, there is Ed!angst. And I typically avoid Ed!angst like the plague, but it’s kinda necessary here, I think.
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Alice in Wonderland playbook cover

Well, I figured since I put many hours into this, I might as well upload it. They kinda blew me off this year and didn't give me the job for the poster, which makes me really sad... And they're holding an open contest for the playbook cover (which I also did last year...) so I figured I'd win enter the contest.

How I did it~
Alice- Nothing really special, here. She's more than 20 layers just by herself. I pretty much just used brushes on varying opacity for her skin and clothes, along with a light filter on her clothes to make them a bit rougher looking. The hair was done in 12 different layers, the ponytail, the loose stuff, and the pulled-back stuff. The clip is dodged and burned. (And yes, I know that her hair is traditionally in a headband and that she is blond. The girl playing her is a brunette.)

Leaves- I started with the basic shape, each leaf getting it's own layer. I then added the basic shadows and shines, following up with a lot of detailing with the burn tool.

Cheshire Cat- Again, he's on a lot of layers as well. I used my hair brush to smudge the outsides of his fur to give it a realistic look, and followed up with burn and dodge brushing to make the insides look realistic.

Queeny- Nothing really special, here. Brushes, brushes, and brushes. She's on a ton of layers, as well.

Cards- Line tool, mostly for the main one. I put the base without the numbers on a separate canvas. I draw one model heart and simply copied and free transformed. Each individual card was flattened on the external canvas and moved onto its own layer of the main piece, at which point I free transformed them in the Warp setting to get them to turn away like that.

Trees: Started with a base color (each on its own layer, of course) and added various similar shades in patches and lines. I filtered, then dodged and burned. I wasn't really going for a "real tree" look, because this IS Wonderland.

Background: A lot of grudge brushing. I was very crunched for time (I completed this in two days) so there wasn't a whole lot I could do with it. There are many things I would have liked to have been able to do, but just didn't have the time, unfortunately.

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10 things I love...

That start with the letter "A"!

Comment to this entry and I'll give you a letter. List ten things, people, places, beings, thoughts, feelings, that you love that begin with that letter and then post that list on your journal.

1: Alphonse Elric! He's cute, tough, and a total sweetheart. And he loves cats. 'nough said.
2: Alchemy! The Amestris kind, not the real-world kind.

3: Abraham Lincoln- my favorite president! In all the American history I've studied, he seems to be the most effective at problem solving.
4: pretty much the only place to find old FMA stuff nowadays
5: Astronomy- If my right hand were suddenly crippled and I couldn't draw anymore (the thought alone horrifies me...) I'd totally go into some sort of outer space science.
6: Awesome fan art- Seriously- if I find something I really like, I'll stare at it for several minutes on end.
7: Angels Fall First- Nightwish's premier album~ Not their best, but still great.
8: Anime! But only if it's really good. Most of it's borderline terrible XD
9: Adobe Photoshop- It may just be the best computer program ever...
10: Alice in Wonderland- I don't even know a whole lot about it... But it's such a creative world I had to put it up here!

Wow, that was kinda tough...

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AAC is this weekend???

Wow, this con really sneaked up on me big time... I thought it was next weekend, but... Now I have major plans to rearrange! XD I'm definitely NOT going to miss Chris Cason's panel this year like I did last year, even though I wish Laura Bailey Willingham would be there with him. Which reminds me that I really need to draw something for him to sign...
Anyone have any good tips for making Princess Zelda's Ocarina of Time headpiece? I'm stumped. It seems like I've tried everything, but nothing works well or looks good to my standards... The whole costume is done (and rather awesome, thanks to the combined efforts of myself, my mom, and my grandmother) except for that major detail...

I took the PSAT for the second time today. (yey for the consequential half day!) If I don't get a near-perfect on the grammar-related section, I'm going to be rather surprised...

Upcoming drawings:
-Working on a post-CoS Ed and Al with a cute little surprise (no, it's no Winry. Sorry.) for the DA Risembool Rangers contest this month
-A lot of Copic quickies to bring to QCK when it rolls around this Winter
-A Flash animation parody of FMA 2003 42, which I may or may not get to

A look at Skyward Sword & Zelda's future on the 3DS

I'm greatly looking forward to the coming weekend. The weather's supposed to be gorgeous, and I'm going camping with my best friend. What more could I ask for? Other than 22 glorious pages of Zelda coverage in this month's issue of Game Informer​, that is.

It had some pretty great insight and inside info on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, to be released, (at last) November 20th. I really wanted to write down all the new info I gleaned from the article, as I found a lot of it to be really interesting/ stuff I actually hadn't heard before.

Things you probably already know:

  SS is an official part of the OoT canon. It takes place in the distant past, and tells the story of the creation of the Master Sword. It begins in a place called Skyloft. Link and Zelda are childhood friends, and while out riding their giant bird-like creatures (whose names currently escape me) Zelda is sucked down into some sort of tornado. Thus, the story begins. Gameplay switches between Skyloft and the dangerous and of Hyrule on the ground below it. Wii Motion Plus allows for highly precise controls, making swordplay less of an OoT button mash and more skill-based. (Upon playing a lengthened version of the demo, the Game Informer
journalist confirmed that the controls work great.) A spirit inhabiting the Skyward Sword, named Fi, takes over as the Navi/Midna character. Dungeons are set up differently this time around, blending with the overworld. 

Things I hadn't heard until now:

  • The display has a really cool background filter that makes the world look more like a painting to farther away the object is. 
  • Link's sword has some sort of dowsing function that can tell him (vaguely) where he needs to go next. Link also now has a "dash" option, and an option for quickly climbing cliff sides. This will burn up his Stamina, which is restored by eating a special kind of fruit. It's not a hugely hindering stat, though. The Compass is no longer part of dungeons, the map and dowsing sword taking care of its functions instead.
  • Skyloft is a bit like the overworld of Wind Waker, but not as painstaking to cross. Link's bird travels much faster than sailing ever did, and wind direction is not an issue. There are several "islands" or sorts also reminiscent of WW. Link exists Skyloft and gets to Hyrule by essentially skydiving, and the player has to use the motion controls to guide him through the air and activating his parachute. (Where he keeps it, along with his plethora of other items, we still don't know.)
  • Items are a bit more interactive now. Because of the more realistic bow and arrow firing style, the sling shot is actually important during fast-paced battle, and can be upgraded at a later time in the game. Bombs will go off if you take them out while on fire (lol) and bomb flowers can be collected and also kept in the bag. Bombs can now be rolled in a Wii Bowling fashion. The presence of some sort of musical item has been confirmed, but Nintendo's not telling what it is. Other items include a motion-control "beetle" that acts like a remote control item-retriever and rope cutter (no boomerang, then?), a whip, possibly functioning like the grappling hook in WW, and digging mitts, essentially a reincarnation of the shovel from older 2D Zeldas.
  • Link explores an alternate area of some sort called the Silent Realm, stabbing his sword into the ground (thus, leaving it behind) in order to enter. This alternate universe contains twisted versions of places already visited, and is infested with statuesque creatures known as guardians. Your job is similar to collecting the Tears of Light in TP, and the Guardians will activate and chase you down, taking you out in one hit if you're too slow. Collecting each tear buys more time. There are also Poe-like creatures that act like scouts for the Guardians, and if a ghost catches you, the Guardians will activate no matter how much time you think you have. (Think Temple of the Ocean King, but not as repetitive.)
Three other fun little tidbits: 
  • Eiji Aonuma, the long-time director and producer of Zelda, actually has the entire chronology of all the Zelda games put together in a file on his computer. We could always tell that they were linked (the OoT sages in WW, the Temple of Time in TP...) but had no official confirmation. According to Aonuma, he will never release this information, because he believes that gameplay should always be the first-and-foremost aspect when creating a game, then the story will write itself. He says that writing the story, then doing the programming is a backward way of doing things. I agree with him. Think about the gameplay in the Final Fantasy series, for instance. That series is 95% plot, 5% gameplay, while Zelda has both. That's what makes Zelda so great. Kudos, Aonuma.
  • Remember that epic Wii U demo of what Zelda looks like in HD? Well, they haven't started working on it "daily" yet, but they have sat down and seriously considered their possibilities. Personally, I'm rooting for a realistic, TP-like art style like in the demo, because it looked awesome. I really want to see Zelda at it's highest level of realism, and I know that Nintendo can pull it off with Wii U.
  • Who else REALLY wants another 3DS remake, like... sayyyy... Majora's Mask? They knocked OoT out of the park, and I think a lot of us want to see MM made anew as well. I'm happy to say that they're more than "thinking about it" at this point. Though Majora's Mask has not yet been said in context with a remake, it seems to be a high possibility at this point. To quote Aonuma: "I'll give you one hint, but maybe you won't understand it. It will be a game in which having 3D will mean something." To me, this screams "moon getting closer." What do you think?

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FMA icons!

In order to avoid doing my schoolwork today, I made some icons from a few of my FMA scans today! Feel free to use them, credit isn't necessary. It's all official art, thus I did not draw the pictures. I know, there's a gaping hole where the military should be... (I'm not a huge fan for some reason.) Maybe I'll make more in the future if this first post goes over well. :) There's technically only one manga/BH!verse one in here, but that's okay because I think it's kinda funny. If I had to pick favorites... I guess they'd be 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, and 21. 6 is probably my favorite out of the batch <3 Spoilers through Conqueror of Shamballa and potentially the ending chapters of the manga.

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